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Lou-Lou Bones Tattoo Logo

Louise Kavanagh is a tattoo artist based in Cork City. She was starting her own business and asked me to design a logo for her. We chatted at length about her likes and dislikes. Artistic style’s she was fond of and the type of feel she wanted her brand to have. I spent a couple of days researching her competitors, their branding, and also different style elements she said she would like in her own logo. Floral shapes, Old school slab and decorative typefaces. Then when I had enough info and we agreed that we were on the same page,
I started sketching.

When I presented the first two designs above, she instantly fell in love with the second option. So I went away and developed it out a bit more. When she saw the second revision she gave the go ahead to develop this as the final version. So I created a black and gold version and two other coloured versions as secondary options.

Business Card designs.

I then created some mock ups of the logo on every day items like cups and exterior signage to give her a feel for what the brand would look like in the real world.

Finally I created Business / Appointment Card designs.

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